Why dentist-made grade mouthguards offer the best level of quality and durability for your teeth

When playing sports, the last thing anyone wants to be worrying about is their teeth. In fact, let’s be honest, who’s paying attention to that sort of thing during a game? Your eye is on the ball, puck or gloves of the opposition.

A custom-made mouthguard provides the peace of mind that your teeth are protected during the game. There is even preliminary research which suggests mouthguards may play a role in minimising the impact and severity of concussions. This is just one of the health benefits associated with wearing the right mouthguard during sports.

Pros and cons of over-the-counter mouthguards

There are only two positives in favour of over-the-counter mouthguards:

  1. Cheap
  2. Easy to get

Over-the-counter mouthguards are fairly inexpensive because they are mass-produced one-size-fits-all moulds. They can be found in most chemists.

The list of downsides, however, is a little longer:

  1. Poor fit
  2. Lower quality
  3. Less protection
  4. Don’t last long

The quality of the material and the method of moulding them to your teeth means that these over-the-counter mouthguards are not on the same level as dentist-made mouthguards. Where a dentist will create a mould of your teeth and gums to custom make a mouthguard, an over-the-counter mouthguard uses the ‘boil and bite’ method of moulding to your teeth.

This is, as the name suggests, where you put the mouthguard in almost boiling water until it is soft, and then you bite down on it to mould it to your teeth.

Pros and cons of custom-made mouthguards

Dentists are specifically trained to take care of your oral health. They understand the relationship between teeth, gums and jaws. Which is one of the reasons why it is better for your oral health to get a custom-fitted mouthguard.

The benefits of a custom-made mouthguard:

  1. Are comfortable
  2. Provide the best protection
  3. Fit your bite snugly
  4. Shouldn’t hamper speaking or breathing

You can also bring your mouthguard with you to your regular 6 monthly dental check-ups. This will allow your Crown Dental Group dentist to assess your mouthguard and make sure it’s still providing the necessary support.

The downside of a custom-made mouthguard

  1. Not as cheap as over-the-counter mouthguards.
  2. Take time to be fabricated.

When weighing up the pros and cons of each option, it’s always important to keep in mind: how often you play sports, the kind of sports you play and the level of support and security you want.

What is a custom-made mouthguard made from?

It’s made from thermoplastic material and is based on a detailed mould taken of your mouth. These are extremely personalised. Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, each custom mouthguard is unique, providing the most complete protection for your mouth.

How is a custom-fit mouthguard made?

The creation of a custom-fit mouthguard begins with the dentist taking an impression of your teeth, usually using dental putty in order to create a precise mould of your teeth. The mould then goes to our lab where superheated plastic is layered over the mould to precise specifications. It is then cooled to create the durable custom-fit mouthguard.

If you’re unsure what the best option for you is, feel free to contact Crown Dental Group today.