Dental hygiene may not have been a priority for you 30 years ago, however, with the passage of time people are learning that their years of dental neglect and improper care are starting to take their toll.

Let’s face it, home-based dental care was nothing like it is today – high powered electric toothbrushes, specially formulated toothpaste, state-of-the-art dental hygiene practices and regular visits now a priority. Unfortunately, this was not the case 30 years ago.

Whether it’s through tooth decay or gum disease; losing your teeth is a very real possibility as you get older. Losing your teeth is not just a cosmetic issue; it changes your ability to speak, eat and interact with the world.

However, with the help of our dental prosthetist, high-quality denture devices and an on-site laboratory, a healthy and long-lasting smile is a real possibility. We are able to treat a single or multiple tooth loss with our range of full and partial dentures.

What are my denture options?

When it comes to denture devices, there’s a number of options offered at our dedicated Rowville denture clinic. To help educate our patients on the advantages of each type of denture, the suitability and costs involved, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. Download our free guide to also see some of our most transformative patient cases.

Denture Guide

  • Who is a candidate for dentures?
  • Why you should upgrade ill-fitting and low-quality dentures?
  • Your range of denture solutions
  • Specifics on the most advanced denture technologies
  • Patient before and afters
  • Why choose Crown Dental Group?

Immediate dentures

With an all-encompassing on-site laboratory, Crown Dental Group have the ability to create a dental impression of your teeth and gums prior to tooth extraction. Our dental prosthetist can then create a denture replacement to be fitted ‘immediately’ with our dentist after having tooth extractions.

The immediate denture not only maintains your physical appearance but also acts as a bandage over the healing extraction site and provides balance in your mouth required to continue eating and speaking naturally.

As your gums heal your dentures may need to be realigned this is a simple process that only leads to better fitting dentures you can keep for much longer. In some cases, we advise waiting 4-6 months to make a permanent denture if required.

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Complete full dentures

A full set of dentures can replace the upper row of teeth with a gum coloured acrylic base that covers the gum line and roof of the mouth, the lower row of teeth with a similar acrylic base that is U shaped and covers the gum line or both to replace both the lower and upper teeth.

To avoid garish and fake looking teeth, the Crown Dental Group moulds your dentures from the shape and size of your natural teeth giving you a new, natural-looking smile.

With our purpose-built, state-of-the-art dental lab, a full set of dentures can be made in 7 – 10 days. This means you could go from aching, decaying and discoloured teeth, to pearly white teeth in less than 2 weeks.

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Flexible dentures

Replacing a few missing teeth with partial dentures can become a nightmare; the acrylic base is fragile and can easily break, while the prosthetic gum line may not match your natural gum line and become glaringly obvious.

Flexible dentures from Crown Dental Group take care of these concerns. Made from a thin Vertex Thermosens, the gum line accurately matched to your natural gums. The dentures are lighter than the average partial denture device and less likely to break.

Flexible dentures are also customisable; teeth can be added to the partial denture set or realigned to better suit your mouth as needed.

Our flexible dentures are made on-site, allowing our dental experts to work closely with our technicians to ensure the best possible product reaches our patients in the shortest amount of time.

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Cobalt-Chrome dentures

For the best in comfort, hygiene and durability, Crown Dental Group offers the Cobalt Chrome dentures. This device is sleeker and lighter, yet more durable and hygienic.

Although made from a tough and durable material, these dentures can be made thinner and lighter than acrylic dentures offering greater quality and a quicker transition back to your normal eating and speaking habits.

The metal parts of the dentures are well concealed with visible parts covered in gum coloured acrylic to maintain a natural look.

Like all our dentures these are made, repaired and realigned on-site under the close supervision of our dental team to ensure the greatest comfort and quality device.

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Acrylic partial dentures

Acrylic partial dentures are a functional and cost-effective option. These are moulded to replace missing teeth and prevent the shifting of natural teeth while maintaining the appearance of a full smile.

Acrylic can be closely matched to the natural gum line and at Crown Dental Group all dental products are made with the same care and professionalism. Our patient’s comfort is top of mind.

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Customised dentures for tooth replacement

For more information about our denture devices, how to replace a missing tooth immediately or to request a consultation, contact us.