What are implant supported dentures?

Implant supported over-dentures are a permanent solution for replacing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth. A single arch of dentures clips into four to six implants that have been placed into the jawbone. The arch can then be removed and clipped back in as required, allowing for easy cleaning.

At Crown Dental Group we are able to offer implant supported over-dentures at a significantly lower price than many of the alternatives available elsewhere due to our use of an in-house laboratory and our inter-disciplinary team.

Benefits of implant supported dentures

  • Increased stability when eating, drinking and speaking
  • More comfortable because they don’t rely on the gums for retention
  • Very conservative design results in minimal to no gag reflex
  • Help with retention of jawbone and health of gum tissue
  • Better digestive health due to being able to properly chew food
  • Increased taste and temperature sensation due to not having a palate against the roof of the mouth
  • More natural look and feel
  • Less Bulky
  • Improved quality of life due to the ability to eat almost all foods

Implant supported dentures procedure

The process for getting implant supported over-dentures is as follows:

  • Your dentist will insert the implants into your bone. This titanium fixture fuses with the jawbone during a process known as osseointegration. This usually requires three months to heal, and during that time you can wear a partial or full denture on top of your implants.
  • Your dental prosthetist will design your denture and will work closely with our in-house dental technicians to fabricate your dentures in our on-site laboratory.
  • Once your gums have healed, the implant-supported over-denture will clip into your dental implants. This provides the same level of functionality to that of your natural teeth.

Implant supported dentures before and after

How much are implant supported dentures?

Each individual patient brings a unique situation to us at Crown Dental Group. Therefore, the price for implant supported over-dentures for each client can vary across the board. To discuss the pricing and payment plans options with us, book in a consultation today.

Dentures in Rowville

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