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A lot of people whiten their teeth because of many different factors that may have affected their teeth over the years. Our job is to make sure they get their smile back to the way it used to be. Our qualified dental professionals make sure you’re in good hands

Who should whiten their teeth and what’s the process of doing so?

Our teeth inevitably with time will turn yellow. The outer layer of our teeth which contains enamel has the colour of almost white and is our tooth protector. Over time it goes thinner and starts revealing the underneath layer which is the dentin. Dentin is yellow-brown in colour and is the reason why your teeth will start looking darker.

Certain foods that are acidic can also stain your teeth, they wear down the enamel and thus increase the yellowing. These are foods that shouldn’t be had all the time as they not only stain teeth but wear down the enamel:

Sour candy

We all like a sour jelly bean or sour worm from time to time but the truth is they’re not the best thing for our teeth. These sweets contain different acids that are harsh on your teeth and because they’re chewy, they stick to your teeth for a longer time causing more decay and stains.


This is another tricky food because it’s a staple for many households but bread isn’t the kindest food for your teeth. While chewing it, your saliva breaks down the starch into sugar which transforms into a paste that sticks onto your teeth and in between making you susceptible to cavities.


After a long day, a glass of wine or a stone-cold beer is sometimes what you need to forget about your day’s woes. A glass of your favourite drink dries out your mouth and when your mouth is dry and has no saliva it prevents your saliva from doing its job which is preventing food from sticking to your teeth washing away food particles.

So if over the years your teeth have suffered and are now a yellow tinge that you’re not too mad about, the teeth whitening we offer could be for you

The ZOOM! Teeth whitening process

This is a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth and has been proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades lighter. Let’s go through the process if you choose to do it at home:

Step one:

You will have an initial consultation and then have moulds of your teeth and bite taken. These will then be transformed into teeth whitening trays

Step two:

In appointment two you will get custom made trays, whitening gel and some instructions. The gel you receive will be a bit weaker than the one you would receive in our rooms

Step three:

Now you follow our instructions and wear your trays as prescribed by us. It can take up to two weeks to achieve your desired results.

Now the steps for the office:

Appointment one:

At this beginning stage, we consult with you to assess your oral health, make an impression of your teeth to provide an at-home ZOOM! tray maintenance kit. The kit is a complimentary inclusion with the in-office package

Appointment two:

Now we whiten! the surface stain is removed to allow the zoom peroxide to penetrate into the tooth, a dental appliance is placed over gums to protect from the gel. The gel is applied, and a special blue light is also applied to activate the gel. This process is done three times in fifteen-minute intervals. At this rate, you should be seeing a difference. After this, your dentist will advise how you can maintain your new pearly white smile