Replace your missing tooth and enhance your smile with Implant Crowns

A missing tooth can lead to low self-esteem or leave you feeling like you want to hide your smile. Over the years implant crowns have evolved significantly giving patients the ability to restore their smile with a high-quality implant crown that looks just like a natural tooth.

Our implant crowns create a safe and secure long-lasting replacement for the visible part of the missing tooth. A dental implant is a titanium implant imbedded into your jawbone that replaces the original tooth root. This treatment then fills the gap of your missing tooth with an implant crown, closely resembling your natural tooth.

Implant crowns are a successful resolution to restoring your bright smile with a natural looking tooth.

There are many different stages to determine whether you are a good candidate for an implant crown. Over time the cells in your jawbone will directly attach to the metal used in the dental implant. After your new implant has bonded with your bone the crown will then be attached on top of the implant resulting in an appealing natural looking tooth maintaining a healthy jawbone

Types of implant crowns

There are two types of implant crowns
– Cemented
– Screw-retained

Cemented and screw-retained implant crowns vary between patients depending on the outcome patients are wanting to achieve and the location of the tooth that needs to be replaced. This can be determined during your consultation before the treatment.

Our team is happy to discuss with you whether you are a suitable candidate for a dental implant and which method would suit you best. Book your consultation today to begin restoring your smile!

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