Our experienced dentists gives a thorough assessment of your gums during routine check-ups. If we find any signs of gum disease, we’ll recommend the treatment appropriate to the type of problems you’re experiencing.

Periodontal Treatment for Gum Disease in Rowville

  • Do your gums bleed when you brush, floss or eat hard food?
  • Are your gums red, swollen or tender?
  • Have you experienced the separating or loosening of teeth or mouth sores?
  • Do you suffer from persistent bad breath?
  • Have you noticed a change in your bite or the fit of your dentures?
  • Do you have mouth sores or pus between the teeth and gums?

These are all signs of periodontal disease, also called gum disease. It’s a common problem caused by plaque buildup on the teeth and can be dangerous to your oral health. Having regular checkups at Crown Dental Group allow us to detect the presence of gum disease, which has been linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Catching the Early Signs

It occurs in two stages: gingivitis, which is mild, and periodontitis, a more serious form of gum disease. No matter which stage you’re in, we can develop a treatment plan to help you recover your oral health.

Periodontal Treatment Melbourne

Do you have concerns about your gum health? Contact our practice today! Same-day appointments are available, and emergency visits will be accommodated right away.