At Crown Dental Group, our dental team make every effort to save your teeth and preserve their structure as much as possible. If extraction is necessary, you’ll be in gentle hands using the safest procedures.

We pride ourselves on offering extractions that are as close as possible to being pain free. We have a wealth of experience helping patients with a history of anxiety about having dental work done. We understand that for some people a visit to the dentist can be a serious mental and emotional challenge, and we are committed to helping everyone who visits our practice to have a comfortable experience that involves as little pain as virtually possible.

A Simple Tooth Extraction Procedure Kept Comfortable

We’ll consult with you to make sure that you receive a treatment plan that perfectly fits your needs, detailing all of your options. After extraction, you may feel discomfort, but we’ll do everything within our power to minimise your pain. Our dentist has extensive knowledge in extractions and several years of experience, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to make your visits with us simple and easy. We use the latest, strongest and fastest acting local anaesthetics to ensure your comfort and provide a pleasant experience.

Tooth extraction Melbourne

You don’t have to live with oral pain. Contact us today to book your appointment with our thorough practitioners! Flexible payment plans can be arranged, and insurance is accepted.