Cobalt Chrome Dentures can be amazingly thin without losing their strength, an excellent feature for those who want to wear a less bulky denture. Chrome dentures are also the most hygienic since they are less porous than acrylic, accumulating less plaque and tartar.

A cobalt chrome metal denture has a combination of cobalt and chrome that is used to prevent corrosion. The metal is strong and light, making the denture much thinner and more comfortable to wear. This type of denture is particularly ideal for patients who may often damage their conventional dentures.

The cobalt chrome is obscured when you talk or smile. In addition, the important parts of the metal denture will be covered with a gum coloured acrylic. Cobalt chrome has many advantages to offer. Aside from being extremely tough, it is also less bulky and less porous than the average types of dentures.

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Why should I get a Cobalt Chrome Denture?

Unlike acrylic dentures, chrome dentures have a much thinner framework behind the teeth, and clasps are often incorporated to fasten the denture to natural teeth. With this, the denture tends to be more comfortable and secure compared to acrylic dentures. The benefits of a cobalt chrome denture include:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very close fitting
  • More fracture-resistant
  • Durable
  • Offers great chewing experience
  • Smaller and thinner
  • Easier oral hygiene
  • Clasps can be easily tightened to augment the grip
  • Designed specifically to your mouth

Our Cobalt Chrome Denture

With our cobalt chrome dentures, the metal framework is almost unnoticeable. The cobalt chrome is unobtrusive when you talk or smile. You will only see the metal framework when you remove the denture for cleaning. All the essential parts of cobalt chrome denture will still be covered with a gum-coloured acrylic to ensure a natural look.

Dentures From our In-House Dental Laboratory

All our dentures are fabricated at our in-house dental laboratory. This only means that there is no additional travel to external laboratories, and turnaround times are much faster compared to other dental practices that have no on-site laboratory. Our dental experts work closely with our technicians to ensure the quality and excellence of every denture. Any repairs or relines can be done on the same day.

Cobalt Chrome Dentures

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