Flexible partial dentures are suitable for those who have lost some of their teeth and need a partial denture.

Candidate for Flexible Dentures

If you find your acrylic partial denture frequently breaks, then flexible dentures may be ideal for you.

Our Natural-looking Flexible Dentures

A denture that looks natural is a plus for people who are uncomfortable with the metal framework and clasps of other dentures. Flexible dentures are not only extremely thin but are also lightweight. With its wide range of colours, the nylon base can be closely matched to your gums.

The gum coloured base blends very well with your gums to make the denture nearly invisible. The base supports our high-quality denture teeth to provide you with an exceptionally natural look. Flexible dentures are designed to blend in your mouth so that the only thing that shows is your beautiful and complete smile.

Denture Guide

  • Who is a candidate for dentures?
  • Why you should upgrade ill-fitting and low-quality dentures?
  • Your range of denture solutions
  • Specifics on the most advanced denture technologies
  • Patient before and afters
  • Why choose Crown Dental Group?

The Benefits of Flexible Dentures

The benefit of having a flexible denture is that the clasping can also be made in clear or gum colour for aesthetic purposes. The flexible denture is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In some cases, we can add teeth onto your denture depending on the number of your teeth and their position. We use Vertex Thermosens which can be easily be repaired or relined. The material is MMA-free, which is great for patients who are allergic to acrylic or metal.

Dentures from our In-House Dental Laboratory

All our dentures are fabricated at our in-house dental laboratory. This means that there is no additional travel to external laboratories, and turnaround times are much faster compared to other dental practices that have no on-site laboratory.

Our dental experts work closely with our technicians to ensure the quality and excellence of every denture.

Flexible Dentures Melbourne

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