In between tooth extractions, waiting for your gums to heal and getting your new dentures, it’s important that you still have teeth. That’s where immediate dentures come in, and as the name suggests, they are put in ‘immediately’ after having tooth extractions.

These immediate dentures are generally used while your gums are healing and shrinking. It is likely that you will need a few temporary relines as your mouth continues to change shape.

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How is an immediate denture made?

Before you get your teeth extracted, your dental prosthetist will take an impression of your teeth and gums. We will build a mould from this impression in our on-site dental laboratory and will grind the teeth off the mould to simulate the tooth extraction, and use that to make the immediate denture. Your Dentist will extract the teeth and the immediate denture will be inserted straight away. Once the extraction site has healed, a reline might be performed to ensure the highest possible retention.

Will the immediate denture cause discomfort?

Having teeth extracted can cause discomfort in the mouth, but in most cases the immediate denture will act like a bandage over a wound and make the gums more comfortable. It is normal to develop small pressure sores, and your dental prosthetist will regularly adjust your denture in the first month to minimise any discomfort.

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